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Family Photo Session

Family Portrait

It’s been awhile since I posted… but I have been working on quite a few projects. I did my first family portrait session a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and a big learning experience. Shay and her children were awesome to work with and they were happy with the results and that to me is what makes it all worth it.

Some things I learned from this photo shoot: try different poses, make sure there is nothing distracting from the subject ( a branch that looks like it’s going thru someone’s head), and bring accessories and small toys- a scarf, hat, bubble gum, etc if you are taking photos of children- it helps them to feel more comfortable and they don’t get bored. And notice the little details- hair in someone’s face, a stain on a piece of clothing etc… And of course, keep track of the lighting too. Look around for areas where the light is different. Experiment. Sometimes the best photos are the ones that happen spur of the moment.

Chilling Out Glamour Shot