Apple Hill, CA

Going to Apple Hill was an interesting experience. I went with a friend and her husband and daughter. From other people in Reno, I knew that Apple Hill is a nice getaway for the day. It is a lovely place filled with apple orchards and lots of yummy treats. The apple cider and apple donuts are delicious. The craft booths were fun to look at and seeing greenery that we don’t have in NV was cool. For anyone, going in September or October on a weekend, be prepared for the crowds. There was wall to wall people! Be prepared for the crowds. A great place to get away for the day, get some organic produce, and take some photos!

Looking down into the valley.

Looking down into the valley.

One of the many places in Apple Hill to relax and enjoy the view.

One of the many places in Apple Hill to relax and enjoy the view.


Reno Fall Color

UNR Fall ColorNow that October is here, you can see Fall color all over Reno, NV. Visiting UNR last week, I happened to be walking around campus with a friend and saw the leaves on this building that had turned a beautiful red color.

Alyssa and Jake’s Wedding

Alyssa and JakeOn October 5th, I got to assist the wonderful photographer Kendall Price at a wedding in Tahoe City, CA at the Tahoe Tree Company. It was a perfect day being it was in October. The weather was wonderful- almost felt like a spring day. The Tahoe Tree Company is a gorgeous setting to have a wedding. The plants and trees were beautiful with their fall coloring- reds, yellows, and greens. having never assisted at a wedding before, this was a fun experience and I really learned so much. The bride and groom were of course so excited and the wedding party and guests were very nice, down to earth people. There was a great energy as Alyssa and her bridesmaids got ready, during the ceremony, and at the reception. I enjoyed helping Kendall when it came time for family portrait shots. And it was interesting seeing how she got everyone to pose and made use of the many pretty areas in the nursery (bridges, wooded paths, trees, and a waterfall and pond). With any wedding you go to there is always the little details that stand out- the decorations and place settings before everyone sits down to eat, the flowers at the ceremony, and the bride’s very cool cowboy boots she wore! After helping Kendall with photographing the toasts at the dinner and the bride and groom’s first dance, I got to shoot some of my own photos. This was a great opportunity. Everyone was dancing and having a great time. I looked for some unique, special moments at the reception when taking photos and think I got some. It was a wonderful wedding with two very special people! Congratulations Alyssa and Jake!

2013 Great Reno Balloon Race

I have been meaning to write a new post. But sometimes life just gets in the way. However, I promise to post more often. This weekend I attended the 2013 Great Reno Balloon Race with my friend Sara. I got lots of great shots and am still going through them. As Sara and I were leaving the event we walked by a pond on our way out of Rancho San Rafael Park. We noticed the hot air balloons we could see the reflections in the pond. It was a unique photo opportunity.

Great Reno Balloon Race Reflections

Hot August Nights 2013 Recap

Watching the classic cars at the Atlantis.

Watching the classic cars at the Atlantis.

Hot August Nights is a huge event in Reno.  I have gone to Hot August Nights a few times since I’ve lived in Reno. This year,  I wanted to check out the classic cars and  Hot August Nights is a good Reno photography opportunity. On Friday, night I met a friend for dinner at In N Out and after that I went to check out the cars at the Nugget. It was a smaller version of the crowds at the Atlantis and Peppermill but still pretty packed. I checked out the vendors and took a few photos (the green taxicab). The next night I went to the Atlantis. I thought I would have to park three or four blocks away. When I got there the parking was very well organized. I was impressed. When I walked in there was a band playing oldies and people were dancing, which was fun to see.  It was fun walking around and seeing all the classic cars.  I am no classic car expert so I would say what I saw were cars from the 1930’s to the late 1960’s. My favorite classic car was a 1968 Corvette. I talked to the owners and they had just bought it that day. And of course the Shelby Cobra.  I shot some photos I was happy with. When I took the photos of the cars I wanted to emphasize all the hard work and time that had been put into these classic cars. And I wanted to show what a fun event Hot August Nights is for Reno.

Reno Typewalk 2013

1864 TavernAbout two weeks ago I participated in AIGA’s Reno Typewalk 2013. AIGA is the Reno-Tahoe Chapter professional association for design.  I am not a member but it was open to the public and the event sounded interesting.  Participants walked around and photographed letters to showcase the different typography in downtown Reno. Everyone who participated in Typewalk met up at the 1864 Tavern on California Avenue in downtown Reno. The 1864 Tavern is a cool bar. The decor reminds me of a bar you would see in Virginia City. Very vintage and an old West vibe. The bartender was friendly and the drinks were good. All who participated in the Typewalk were given a map of downtown Reno and at sunset we set off to photograph typography in downtown Reno. What was interesting about this event was getting to see things that you look at everyday in a new way. I work in downtown Reno and the photos I got were things that I see on a daily basis. The photos of letters I got were from a food truck, a hand painted sign, a deli on California Avenue, and a restaurant. A fun way to spend a summer evening.


Hula Dancers A couple of weeks ago I went to Los Angeles and attended an 80th birthday party for a family friend. I was looking forward to it since I have known Kathy and Marie my whole life. And Kathy knows how to plan a party! When I got there guests were wearing leis and grass skirts. Later in the evening, two hula dancers came out and announced that we were all going to learn how to do the hula! Imagine thirty people lining up around a swimming pool and doing the hula. It was a lot of fun. After we got a treat when Hina and her partner performed and showed us how its done! Hina is such a graceful and elegant dancer. Her partner complimented her perfectly. It was an experience watching them dance to that nice island music on that lovely summer evening. There was only one other person taking photos and Kathy said I was welcome to take some photos too. I had not taken photos of dancers and the conditions were a little challenging. I had to make my way around chairs, tables, and the guests to get the right angle for the photo. I took many photos so I would have a variety of choices to choose from. The upside to challenging shooting conditions is that you learn to be flexible! As I was taking the photos I wanted ones that showed both of their faces, up close photos, and that showed both of them in “harmony”. The party was a lot of fun and a memorable evening! If you would like to find out more about Hina visit:

Hina and partner