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Hi, my name is Susie Lang. I’ve been doing photography for awhile now. It started as a hobby and I realized how much I enjoyed doing it. Photography has become something I really love doing. To me, what is so interesting about photography is that it makes you see the world and what is going on around you in different ways. It challenges you and helps you to be a more observant person. And it also helps you capture moments that are meaningful to people- that create lasting memories, which is very special and rewarding.

Doing portraits, retouching photos, and doing photo restorations is a lot of fun. Doing portraits helps to show the essence of a person and tell a story. When I retouch photos and portraits, I want the person to look their best. And when they see the end result, everyone is satisfied- which means I’ve done my job! Restoring old, damaged photos is rewarding since I have worked with clients who only have a few childhood photos and those are precious to them- even more so when I can fix the damage and improve the appearance of the photo.

Other kinds of photography I enjoy are landscape, garden, and animals- both wildlife and pets. Living in Northern Nevada and by Lake Tahoe, you get many opportunities for landscape photography. I enjoy gardening and like to photograph flowers in particular. And I’ve always been an animal lover so going to animal sanctuaries/zoos always gives good photo opportunities. And of course my spoiled kitties are extremely photogenic!

Thank you for visiting my site and if you have any questions or would like my services, please call or e-mail me:





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