Cherry In Mid Air

I was looking for a new photo project to do and wanted to try something different. Many times when I take photos, I go outside of the house. So I wanted to challenge myself and find something inside the house and work with what I have. Ok: I did go to Walmart and buy the cherries! I tried dropping the cherries in milk, lemonade, and water. With the milk and lemonade, the cherries sunk too quickly. But with the water there was more of a splash. It took some trial and error. I slowed down my shutter speed to get the splash. And in one of the photos I was pleased to see that I got a reflection of the cherry. I have never done these kinds of photos before. Someone said to me these photos remind them of a “moment in time”. That was a nice comment. And I like to think they are. Capturing the cherry just before it hit the water was awesome. I definitely want to do this again!

Cherry Reflection

Cherry Splash


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