Hot August Nights 2013 Recap

Watching the classic cars at the Atlantis.

Watching the classic cars at the Atlantis.

Hot August Nights is a huge event in Reno.  I have gone to Hot August Nights a few times since I’ve lived in Reno. This year,  I wanted to check out the classic cars and  Hot August Nights is a good Reno photography opportunity. On Friday, night I met a friend for dinner at In N Out and after that I went to check out the cars at the Nugget. It was a smaller version of the crowds at the Atlantis and Peppermill but still pretty packed. I checked out the vendors and took a few photos (the green taxicab). The next night I went to the Atlantis. I thought I would have to park three or four blocks away. When I got there the parking was very well organized. I was impressed. When I walked in there was a band playing oldies and people were dancing, which was fun to see.  It was fun walking around and seeing all the classic cars.  I am no classic car expert so I would say what I saw were cars from the 1930’s to the late 1960’s. My favorite classic car was a 1968 Corvette. I talked to the owners and they had just bought it that day. And of course the Shelby Cobra.  I shot some photos I was happy with. When I took the photos of the cars I wanted to emphasize all the hard work and time that had been put into these classic cars. And I wanted to show what a fun event Hot August Nights is for Reno.


2 thoughts on “Hot August Nights 2013 Recap

  1. Nigel St. Hubbins

    This is Nigel St. Hubbins. From Sparks, Nv.. Love the pic of my Green 1937 Taxi! Wish I could get a copy! Thanks.


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