Reno Typewalk 2013

1864 TavernAbout two weeks ago I participated in AIGA’s Reno Typewalk 2013. AIGA is the Reno-Tahoe Chapter professional association for design.  I am not a member but it was open to the public and the event sounded interesting.  Participants walked around and photographed letters to showcase the different typography in downtown Reno. Everyone who participated in Typewalk met up at the 1864 Tavern on California Avenue in downtown Reno. The 1864 Tavern is a cool bar. The decor reminds me of a bar you would see in Virginia City. Very vintage and an old West vibe. The bartender was friendly and the drinks were good. All who participated in the Typewalk were given a map of downtown Reno and at sunset we set off to photograph typography in downtown Reno. What was interesting about this event was getting to see things that you look at everyday in a new way. I work in downtown Reno and the photos I got were things that I see on a daily basis. The photos of letters I got were from a food truck, a hand painted sign, a deli on California Avenue, and a restaurant. A fun way to spend a summer evening.


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