Happy Birthday!

Chloe and Rachel Recently, I got to do something fun: photograph a child’s birthday party. The adorable baby in the photo is Chloe who just turned one. When my friend Rachel asked me to be the party photographer, I was excited and a little nervous. All birthday parties have there share of fun, chaos, and a little bit of drama. With a children’s party you have decorations, toys, cake, snacks, party favors, and of course the cake!! All of that amounts to a lot of color and also great opportunities to capture special moments between the birthday girl and family and friends who attend the party.

First birthday parties are a special milestone. Here are some tips I learned from photographing Chloe’s birthday party:

– Decide the photos you need to get like the birthday girl/boy opening up presents and blowing out candles.

– Capture special moments whether it be Mom getting the birthday girl/boy dressed or an older cousin playing with the birthday girl/boy.

– An event like this is a great opportunity to get some informal family portraits- think grandma, mom, and birthday girl/boy, multi generational photos, or the birthday girl/boy with a close relative.

– If there are pets in the house include them as well. You could get a cute photo of the birthday girl/boy playing with a beloved dog or cat.

– Let the birthday girl/boy and any other children at the party get used to you before taking photos. Be respectful.

– If you are taking photos of the children at the party, shoot from their perspective. It will add to the photos.

– Once presents are opened any photos of the birthday girl/boy playing with presents are good to have as they can be used with thank you cards.

– Have fun! You will get good shots if you are relaxed and comfortable with the guests and the   birthday girl/boy.


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