Photo Retouching Tips

Everyone has their different tools and styles they like to use when retouching photos. When a friend gave me these photos to fix I used the following tips I’ve learned through experimenting,  problem solving, and going online.

Cropping- Crop a photo if the background is distracting to the subject and if there are any objects that you want to get rid of.

Blending Modes- I like to use Soft Light for portraits and Overlays when I want to increase the contrast. There are many other blending modes to  experiment with.

Camera RAW- Fixing the white balance, exposure, clarity, and vibrance can greatly improve a photo even before you start editing in Photoshop.

Levels- A great way to control the midtones, highlights, and contrast. Sometimes, I will go through the individual RGB color channels and edit them one by one. A great way to bring color back into a photo that is more accurate than the brightness and contrast tool.

Spot Healing Brush- a must have for fixing skin imperfections and cleaning up a photo.

Sponge Tool- I use this tool to make a flower bouquet stand out and also to add color on clothing and other objects.

Vibrance- A great tool to instantly pump up the color in a photo.

Here is an example of how I used the following tools to fix a photo:

The "Before" photo.

The “Before” photo.

The "After" photo.

The “After” photo.


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