Checking Out the View

SquirrelContinuing with the animal/ wildlife theme of the last post… I DID take the photo but a friend who was with me pointed the squirrel out  and said, ” You need to take this photo”. Getting this shot was pure luck and coincidence. We were walking around the lake at the Sparks Marina and she noticed this squirrel. It’s rare to see an animal just standing there- almost posing…  I took a shot as quickly as possible. I wasn’t thinking about camera settings or technique- just hurrying up and taking the photo. With wildlife, sometimes taking that extra second to adjust your camera can mean losing the shot. When retouching the photo, I focused on cropping and adding contrast to bring out the colors in that beautiful squirrel’s coat and tail. Usually, when you see squirrels they are running around and are not still like this. It was a treat to see him taking in the view.


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