Day At the Zoo

Day at the zoo.

Day at the zoo.

Photo retouching is a lot of fun so I jump at the opportunity to do it.  My friend Rachel went to the San Francisco Zoo a couple weeks ago and took a bunch of photos which are awesome! This week when I had lunch with her, she asked me if I could touch up a few of her favorites. This photo shown here was taken with a Nikon Cool Pix or a Sony camera. When I opened up the original photo shown below, my first thought was cropping the photo to focus as much as possible on the giraffe and emphasize how beautiful and graceful this animal is. I wanted to bring back the color and show the vibrant reds and browns on the giraffe and also the lush greenery on the tree the giraffe is under. Adjusting the lighting was a lot of trial and error since the photo was taken on an overcast day but the end result was worth it. The “After” photo really shows the beauty of this giraffe and my friend is very happy with the photo!

The "Before" photo.

The “Before” photo.


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