Art Slaves Show & Sale 2014

Christmas Time

Participating in the Art Slaves Show & Sale was a great experience. I learned so much working on these two photos. Both were shot in Reno. The photo on the left was taken after a snowstorm. And the photo below I shot while on a hike at sunset. That is my favorite time of day. I got to talk with other artists & photographers at the reception at Swill Coffee & Wine. A great experience! Northern Nevada Sunset


Family Photo Session

Family Portrait

It’s been awhile since I posted… but I have been working on quite a few projects. I did my first family portrait session a couple weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and a big learning experience. Shay and her children were awesome to work with and they were happy with the results and that to me is what makes it all worth it.

Some things I learned from this photo shoot: try different poses, make sure there is nothing distracting from the subject ( a branch that looks like it’s going thru someone’s head), and bring accessories and small toys- a scarf, hat, bubble gum, etc if you are taking photos of children- it helps them to feel more comfortable and they don’t get bored. And notice the little details- hair in someone’s face, a stain on a piece of clothing etc… And of course, keep track of the lighting too. Look around for areas where the light is different. Experiment. Sometimes the best photos are the ones that happen spur of the moment.

Chilling Out Glamour Shot


Spanish Springs, NV

567 SS View 17x11 marked

HIking in Spanish Springs, NV. What a great view.

HIking in Spanish Springs, NV. What a great view.

Spanish Springs is only fifteen minutes from Reno. It is easy to think there is nothing but dirt and sagebrush. However, there are some really great hiking trails and with views like this… You can see the amazing views that Northern Nevada has to offer.


Cherry In Mid Air

I was looking for a new photo project to do and wanted to try something different. Many times when I take photos, I go outside of the house. So I wanted to challenge myself and find something inside the house and work with what I have. Ok: I did go to Walmart and buy the cherries! I tried dropping the cherries in milk, lemonade, and water. With the milk and lemonade, the cherries sunk too quickly. But with the water there was more of a splash. It took some trial and error. I slowed down my shutter speed to get the splash. And in one of the photos I was pleased to see that I got a reflection of the cherry. I have never done these kinds of photos before. Someone said to me these photos remind them of a “moment in time”. That was a nice comment. And I like to think they are. Capturing the cherry just before it hit the water was awesome. I definitely want to do this again!

Cherry Reflection

Cherry Splash

Galena Creek Trailhead

Along the trail Hiking at Galena Creek was a lot of fun. I went with my roommate Jennifer and her family. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I don’t go hiking very often. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was a crisp, cool day. The trial was not too steep or rigorous. Seeing the green trees and the views once we got to the top was awesome. It was very relaxing being out there and “getting away from it all”. Jennifer’s father brought along his Labrador Marley. All through the hike, Marley kept picking up sticks so we could play fetch with her! A very enjoyable afternoon and when the weather gets warmer I look forward to going out again! Marley